How do I win a prize?
Every customer who spends over £100 will automatically be entered into the prize draw to win one of the 12 prizes below. Prizes are:

  • 1 x The VERY last Lee and Clem Booster we have at Mantic HQ
  • 5 x 3up Walking Dead Walker models
  • And from Ronnies own personal collection – a CCG 9.8 The Walking Dead - issue 193, signed by Robert Kirkman himself!!!
  • 5 x £75 Web Vouchers

Will I be able to order singles?
Yes! After we have delivered all the main products, around August time we will then count and open up the singles via the web store for you to fill out your collections.

Is there anything for previous collectors?
We’re putting up the pre-order now for The Commonwealth, the first of the new releases for The Walking Dead All Out War in 2024. In March we plan to provide a community survey to ask exactly what our fans want us to produce! The game will very much be community led and we will bring to the table whatever we can from that survey.

When will I get my order?
Items will be cast in resin or cast in plastic after the preorder window ends in March. Items should then be at our main UK head office for delivery June-July 2024. We will keep everyone updated if that plan changes (Either earlier, or later!) Orders will ship when every item in that order is ready to go.

Will The Walking Dead be staying or is this it?
We are making a one time Made to Order offering in February. Some lines (Like the Collectors Set, Anthology, Essentials, Card Packs, and newer releases) will be staying after this initial order. To avoid missing out on those plastic reprints, order now as they may not be available later!

I only want Lee and Clem?
Singles will be available from August! (We will also have a great addition to the Companion – allowing you to tick off your collection and order those missing models even easier!).

How long is the Early Bird pricing for?
Until February 29th 2024. Early Bird discounts will be removed on Feb 29th.

Will this be in my language? (French, German, Spanish etc)
We are actively working with language partners who may develop language conversions for this game in other EU/ROW locations. Once confirmed, we will announce those products when they become available. This preorder is only for the English Language product.

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